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Every Monday and Friday we gather in our hall for general devotions and announcements at 7:30am.  The worship is filled with choruses, hymns, scripture reading and prayer led by teachers and students. Just before our Principal gives her greetings and announcements, the National Anthem/National Pledge is recited and the school’s song. The announcement segment is usually filled with congratulations to specific groups who would have participated in competitions. During the month of November (Parent’s month) the general devotions are conducted by parents.


During the pandemic our general devotion will look differently. It will be conducted using our intercom system and students will be in their classrooms.


Student’s lunch period begins at 10:30am and ends at 11:30am. At the end of lunch period students are seated quietly for what is called, “Midday Meditation” This is a time of prayer and meditation for all persons on the campus. Everyone stops to listen to the meditation being read over the intercom and to pray. This period usually lasts for twenty minutes. Class sessions resume at 12noon.


Co-Curricular Activities/ Clubs: On Thursdays our students and teachers from grades 2-6 participate in club activities from 12:00pm – 1:00pm.

Co-Curricular Activities

  • Speech & Drama

  • Music

  • Environmental

  • Debate Society

  • Brownie

  • Bible

  • Spelling

  • Young Men’s


Monday to Friday school dismisses at 2:00pm for students at the kindergarten to grade 1 level and at 2:30pm for grades 3-6 students. On Friday we all dismiss at 1:30pm. After dismissal there are various activities to keep your child engaged. Participation requires registration at the school’s office.

We offer: Dance | Drumming | Karate | Gymnastics | Chess | Swimming | Track & Field | Football | Netball

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