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Portmore Missionary Preparatory & Kindergarten School

Providing quality education in a harmonious Christian environment. Facilitating holistic development of students, who will be lifelong learners and productive global citizens.



We are a ministry of Portmore Missionary Church (PMC) founded in 1974 by the then Pastor of the Portmore Missionary Church, Rev’d Ian McSeven, under the watchful eyes of the Missionary Church Association in Jamaica. Rev’d McSeven was the first Principal.

The school began as a kindergarten institution with fifty (50) students and four (4) classrooms in a board and zinc shed. To borrow the words of a former Pastor and Chairman of the school; “Ebenezer….., thus far the Lord has helped us.”

Today, we boast an elaborate and modern facility which comfortably houses a population of over four (400) hundred students.

The Portmore Missionary Preparatory School (PMPS) is a community of parents, students, teachers, leaders and staff. Every successful community shares a set of core values by which all its members live. Our community’s core beliefs are articulated through our ACTION values.

Our Vision: Moving towards the highest of excellence.

Our Mission Statement: Providing quality education  in a harmonious Christian environment. Facilitating holistic development of students, who will be lifelong learners and productive global citizens.



A solid foundation built on biblical values. Our kindergarten 3 all the way through to grade 2 uses the Abeka Curriculum to engage and challenge each student.

Our grade 3 to 6 students are engaged using the National Standards Curriculum which is an integrated approach to learning created by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information of Jamaica

Woven into our school day are disciplines that impacts the development of all students in a positive way. Our students are exposed to Information Technology, Robotics, Music, Spanish and Chess. We are intentional about preparing our students for the world.

Our school day begins at 7:30am and ends at 1:30pm and 2:30pm for our kindergarten 3 to grade 2 and grade 3 to grade 6 respectively. However, the fun continues after dismissal.

We offer;

Chess | Dance | Drumming | Football | Gymnastics | Karate | Netball | Swimming | Track & Field

We also engage our students in one-hour  club activities from the grades 2-6 levels on Thursdays. They are;

Brownie| Environmental Club | Young men’s Club | Debate Society Club | Spelling Club | Bible Club| Music Club| Speech & Drama Club

From time to time students may require various interventions to support their academic journey with us.

Reading Programme
Reading is the skill that builds creativity. It’s foundation is built from the kindergarten 4 level and is sustained throughout the life of each student at PMPS. Students who are experiencing reading challenges are catered for in our extensive reading programme.

This programme caters to each child by providing diagnostic testing and realistic intervention strategies. Our reading programme connects the home to our institution.

Individual Educational Plan

The opportunity exists for students who are not showing improvement with our internal intervention strategies to be referred to do an external educational assessment. From the results a personalized individual plan is created and used to teach the student.

We pride ourselves on keeping our class teacher to student ratio small, with an average of 18 students per class. Our trained teachers are equipped with classroom management skills that ensure all students are supported. Our kindergarten level has assistant teachers who supports the entire teaching and learning process.

The moment you arrive at the gate of our compound you are greeted with warmth and helpfulness. Our security guards, our administrative, ancillary, and teachers are all friendly and willing to help.

Our values are built on Christian Beliefs and accounts for the positive learning environment. We put our values into ACTION. Each letter has a significance in the life of a PMPS member.



Try, try



No short-cuts

At PMPS we take ACTION


Our New Student Application Process begins in January of each year.

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